Saturday, September 5, 2015

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Glam Shells for Grandma

My Grandma in Hawaii will be celebrating a birthday in a few days, so I decided to knit her this shawl as a present.  Obviously, living in Hawaii as she does, the weather is a lto warmer than it is here in the Frigid North.  That beings said, it can sometimes get a little chilly in the evenings so a light shawl should be useful.
 Right now I have it "blocking", which means it is still damp from a light rinsing and is pinned out to dry in the shape I wish it to be.  (The kids were asking me why I was making a Batman blanket.)

Once the shawl is dry, I will unpin it and it will still have the same shape. I don't know if it shows up in the photos, but the yarn has a beautiful silver sparkle to it.
 A glamorous shawl for a Glamorous Gram!

Pattern: Glamshells
Link to Ravelry Page
Yarn: Anzula Nebula

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Ladyslippers for Oma

My dear Oma is turning 91 fabulous years old in September, and I really wanted to make her something extra-special for her birthday gift.

I got this book from my mother in law, and when I saw the pattern on the front, I knew it was just meant to be.
(not the bikini.  Some things ought not be knit).

THIS pattern.

I need to ask my Oma if she'd prefer the sweater knit as shown, with sleeves, or if she'd prefer it made into a vest.  She lives in a warmer climate than I do, so a sweater might not be as practical as a vest.

So far I've completed the back and half of the front.  Obviously, it still has to be blocked, which will help it lay flatter without all the bumps.  I'm a little concerned that the colored yarn will bleed.

It's by far the most complicated thing I've ever knit.

I had to rip out the edging five (FIVE!) times before I figured it out.

It's looking beautiful though, and definitely worth the effort.  Can't wait for my Oma to see it!

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Grammy Day


For the kids' Christmas presents last year, instead of buying toys, my Mum bought them science classes at the Discovery Center.

Only Peter and Breanna are old enough to take the classes, so while those two are learning all sorts of interesting things, Gabe and Ella and I have fun playing in the Discovery Center.

Sometimes, because I don't have enough kids of my own (sarcasm insert), I bring along a friend for Gabe to play with. 


Once the classes are done we usually head to a nearby Chinese buffet.  I think this might just be Peter's favorite part of Grammy Day.

Friday, January 3, 2014


New Years is usually a time for reflection and resolutions, and when I came across these pictures I took of the kids last July, I had to post them.
I am incredibly thankful for God's kindness and care for our family, especially our little Ella.  All the trouble with her oozing skin and the week in the hospital wasn't fun, but when I see how far she's improved in only a few short months, I am nearly moved to tears.


There was a time when I despaired of her ever eating regular food or drinking an ounce from a bottle, and now she does both without any trouble.  As far as I can tell, she doesn't even have any developmental delays, which is amazing.

Oh, yes, she's still allergic to just about everything, and it's a challenge keeping her skin clear, but it's manageable.

Looking back on 2013, I can say with confidence that it was indeed, a very, very good year.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Car Seat Makeover

(Finished picture)

Gabe had this car seat when he was a kid, and although it's still in good shape, the covering was ratty and disgusting, in spite of the thorough washing I gave it.

I decided to re-upholster it using some leftover Amy Butler fabric I had in my stash. I used a seam ripper to take apart the different pieces, and I'm soooo glad I took a picture of the separated pieces, because after I started working on the thing it was nearly impossible for me to figure out which piece went where.  I used the separated pieces as a pattern and just sewed the fabric onto the original pieces.

It wasn't precisely difficult, but definitely harder than I had envisioned, mostly because I had trouble remembering the placement of the pieces. 

I even sewed the warning label back on :)


Ella certainly seems to approve!

Monday, December 30, 2013

Repost: Christmas Card Refashion (or Boxing Day!)

Christmas cards are so special, and it always seems like such a waste to throw them away after they've served their decorative purpose on my mantle.

(I don't actually have a mantle, but when speaking of things Christmassy a mantle is expected).

So, instead of chucking your old cards willy-nilly into the trash bin, turn them into adorable boxes perfect for jewelry or candy!

All you need is scissors, a pencil, a pretty card, and some tape.

To begin, open the card and tear into two pieces, one piece being the front (this will be the top box) and the back.  You should have two identically sized rectangles.  Mark a small X in the center of the card.

You can easily do this by laying a ruler (or the edge of a piece of paper) diagonally across each corner.  Use a pencil to mark the X so you can erase it later.

Place the card right side facing down, and fold each of the four sides to the X, trying to make the crease as sharp as possible.

Cut along the line you just folded, rather in the shape of an H.  You aren't cutting the corner squares out, just cutting towards the center.
Fold up the sides, and if the end tab is longer, fold it inside the box.  Affix with tape and erase the X on the inside of the box.

Do the same for the other side, and you have your box!

Now, to make the bottom box, you'll need to make it just a tad bit smaller.  Make the bottom exactly like the top, except fold the edges a little bit past the center X.  It helps to mark it first with a small dot.

That's it!

Credit should go where credit is due, and I ought to say that I was taught how to do this by the Memphis Man (my uncle).  I recorded it on video, so you can watch him make it.  

Beware, I filmed this on New Year's Day, which, as you know, is a scant few hours after New Year's Eve.  
I will leave it at that . . . . .